Rebeca plays her beautiful, and much admired gold Salvi Iris concert harp for most events – although sometimes her smaller non-pedal Lyon & Healy Troubadour Harp may be more suitable.

All instruments are kept in very good condition, and regularly serviced. Rebeca is a member of the Musicians Union, with Public Liability Insurance; and this website has a MCPS-PRS (LOEL) Licence.

Please click on the track name to listen to sample.


Thank you for guiding me down the aisle with your wonderful music – it made the whole experience twice as special. I must say, I don't remember much of the decorations and flowers, but I certainly remember that amazing sound!

Thank you so much for your soothing harp music Rebeca - everyone said to me how beautiful it was. It was a very emotional time, but having you play made it so very special for all of us!

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